problems with --link-dest

Marten Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Sep 6 18:30:24 GMT 2004


I'm trying to do backups with rsync through ssh. This is what I wrote yet:

today=`date +%F`
#link_dest="root at vm2:/vrmd/admin/backup/web/2004-09-05"
dest="root at vm2:/vrmd/admin/backup/web/$today"
rsync -av -e ssh --delete --link-dest=$link_dest $src $dest

in 2004-09-05 (on the dest-server) is the directory with the backup from 
yesterday. Of course, I only want changed files to be copied. I thought 
that link-dest is the right thing for this, so that each file from 
/vrmd/webserver is either hardlinked to the already backuped file in 
2004-09-05 or it will be copied to 2004-09-06. But as it seems, 
link-dest doesn't work through ssh (or remote in general?) but only at 
local systems. I don't have enough space for local backups, there's also 
no possiblity to add another drive in a 1HE 19" server and I can't mount 
in an NFS-device, because this doesn't work through the firewall. Is 
--link-dest thought to work with a host:path parameter?


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