rsync 2.6.2 with Posix socket on HP-UX

Nobu Takahashi nt at
Fri Sep 3 06:40:33 GMT 2004


I tried to compile rsync 2.6.2 as a 64-bit application
on HP-UX 11.23.

	$ CC=cc CFLAGS="-Ae +DD64" configure
	$ make
	$ make check

'make check' fails with daemon mode tests with the
following error message.

	rsync: socketpair_tcp failed (Address family not supported by protocol family).

There seems to be a problem with the mixture of BSD
and Posix socket specification.  So I modified
config.h so that define socklen_t as int32.

	#define socklen_t int32

This fixes the daemon mode problem.

I also tried to compile with Posix socket library.

	  LDFLAGS="-lxnet" configure
	$ make
	$ make check

'make check' also fails with daemon mode tests but with
the different error message.

	rsync: socketpair_tcp failed (Bad file number)

I check the source socket.c and found two problems.

Actual error occurs at the second connect() in
socketpair_tcp() (line 737) and the errno is EINPROGRESS.

	if (connect_done == 0) {
>>>		if (connect(fd[1], (struct sockaddr *)&sock, sizeof sock) != 0
		    && errno != EISCONN)
			goto failed;


Then it hits "goto failed" and there "listener" is closed
as it is not -1 and fails.  This overrides the errno to
EBADF.  I think -1 should be set to "listener" after the
close() to avid this problem.

The real problem is that "fd[1]" is non-blocking for the
second connect().  I think it can wait till the connection
is made and this fixes the problem that the second connect()
returns EINPROGRESS.  Simply moving "set_blocking(fd[1])"
before the connect() solves this problem.

Thank you,

Nobu Takahashi - HP Japan
nt at

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