--partiall-dir not behaving like it ought too

SPJ.Schembri SPJ.Schembri at Virgin.Net
Thu Sep 2 06:58:33 GMT 2004


I have awaited the new release inorder to use the  -"-partial-dir" option.
But after testing it seems that it does not behave like it says on the tin.

It will correctly move and rename the interrupted file to the declared
directory, but it will not
attempt to use it when the client attempts to rsync the file again.

I have a Solaris 8 box running as a server (Matthew), and another Solaris 8
box (Danielle) running as the client.
Both boxes have 2.6.3pre1 and the command issued was =>

rsync -av --progress --partial-dir=./tmp --bwlimit=100 /tcwork/bigfile.tar
root at matthew::root

the reason for the --bwlimit=100 is so that the process can be monitored.

Am I issuing the wrong command ?

Replacing "--partial-dir=./tmp" with "--partial" works perfectly.

Can someone please advise.

Thanking you in anticipation


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