--ignore-times transfers all files every sync

Joost van den Broek joost at seat-ibiza.nl
Sat Oct 30 11:28:44 GMT 2004

I'm using several Windows 2000 clients to sync their contents with an Linux 
rsync server. Since I found out that some files not always changes their 
mod-time and size, while they're actually changed, I decided to use the 
--checksum option.

Unfortunately this option is very slow and requires too many resources on both 
sides. It works well, but it just takes way to long to get the job done. So I 
tried out the --ignore-times option, which is less resource intensive.

With this option enabled, all files get's transferred every sync. It seems to 
be incrementally, since there aren't much bytes send, but it's annoying not 
to know which files are actually changed and send for an update. Also my 
logfiles are filled up every sync, so they grow too fast.

Again, with the checksum option instead of ignore-times, it works flawless but 
it's just to slow in my application. Anyone an idea how to deal with this 



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