Remote file deletion

Dale Amon amon at
Thu Oct 28 12:15:18 GMT 2004

I've a particular situation in which I need to sometimes
delete one or two files from a remote site. I haven't
figured out a way to do it with rsync yet... I've considered
playing games with --exclude and --delete but I'm a bit
nervous of the chances of mayhem by a simple error.

Situation is a remote repository to which files are 
added on occasion; there is no local copy. On occasion
it is necessary to delete one or two files by name.
It certainly would be nice to be able to do this via
rsync. I've looked at the shell command hack but don't
see a way to get a remote 'rm /mydir/foo' to execute
that way.

Please respond directly as I am not on the list,
although I will try to check in through the
web pages.

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