rsync bug recreating

jim jim at
Tue Oct 19 20:39:03 GMT 2004

The permission problem may be related to the setting of the CYGWIN environment
variable.  This variable may contain several options, but the one you should take a
look at is ntsec/nontsec. If CYGWIN=ntsec, then the cygwin DLL tries to emulate 
POSIX permissions using NT ACLs. It works too good, or not very, depending on
how you look at it. If CYGWIN=nontsec, then the cygwin DLL doesn't do anything 
when a CYGWIN process tries to set protections. This lets the native Windows
protections operate as you would expect.

Between my Cygwin boxes, I make sure that CYGWIN=nontsec for rsync.

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