rsync bug recreating

Jason Dravet dravet at
Mon Oct 18 19:46:49 GMT 2004

If this is not the correct place to post this I apologize.  I am having a
problem with rsync not setting the correct permissions on the rsync'd files.
I have rsync 2.6.3 running on a Windows 2003 server using cygwin.  I rsync
the fedora core 2 updates to my server for internal use.  The problem is
after the rsync, the file is no longer accessible to anyone and
the other rsync'd files don't have the correct permissions.  Somehow the
correct permissions are removed and the following are applied:

For the file:
Administrators (local administrators group)
Domain Users

They all have special permissions:
Write Attributes
Write Extended Attributes
Read Permissions
Change Permissions
Take Ownership

You will notice that read is nowhere listed.  The correct permissions should

Traverse Folder / Execute File
List Folder / Read Data
Read Attributes
Read Extended Attributes
Read Permissions

For the other rsync'd files:
Administrators (local administrators group)
Domain Users

Domain Users and Everyone have only the read attribute set, the read &
execute attribute is missing.
The administrators group has the read and write attribute but not modifiy.

I think the is deleted during the rsync and the new file is not
being given the proper permissions.  Any file created in the headers
directory will inherit the correct permissions from the system, but rsync
does not appear to listen.  I do not know where the user groups or the
permissions are coming from.  Is the problem with rsync or with cygwin?

I use the following command line to begin the rsync:
d:\cygwin\bin\rsync -v -r -t --exclude='SRPMS/' --exclude='*.src.*'



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