Cannot apply delete-sent-files.diff on solaris platform

Saunders, Shawn SSaunders at
Mon Oct 18 18:11:34 GMT 2004


Thank you soo much! That last suggestion replacing the proto.h file with the
one from a successful build on another box worked great!!!!

Now can you point me to some good sources to learn more about the inner
workings of rsync. This will be for someone who hasn't coded for about 5
yrs. Though my interest is picked again.

Shawn Saunders
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On Mon, Oct 18, 2004 at 08:02:58AM -0700, Saunders, Shawn wrote:
> cat ./*.c ./lib/compat.c | awk -f ./mkproto.awk >./
> awk: syntax error near line 12

This is your awk complaining.  You could try running that command using
nawk or gawk (gawk will definitely work), but (if you don't have gawk)
the fastest kluge is probably to just add the new function prototype
manually to proto.h.  It is this:

void successful_send(int i);

Alternately, since you say you built this on other machines, you should
be able to just copy the updated proto.h file from one of your Linux
boxes (and, of course, skip the "make proto" step).


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