Cannot apply delete-sent-files.diff on solaris platform

Saunders, Shawn SSaunders at
Mon Oct 18 15:02:58 GMT 2004

I have been trying various ways and looking though the lists, but I can't
seem to find a solution.


I am running a Ultra2 with Solaris 9 and rsync 2.5.2, with the old
-move-files patch.

I want to upgrade to 2.6.3 with the delete-sent-files patch. Which I
understand is the new and improved version serving the same purpose.


Unfortunately my patch under Solaris did'nt work, so I d/l the GNU version
of Patch and I could complete the patch of that diff file.

Then I execute a make proto per the instructions and receive the following.


bash-2.05# make proto

cat ./*.c ./lib/compat.c | awk -f ./mkproto.awk >./

awk: syntax error near line 12

awk: illegal statement near line 12

awk: syntax error near line 21

awk: bailing out near line 21

make: *** [proto] Error 2


Could someone shed some light on this.  I need to run this this week. This
was supposed to be a simple upgrade.


I applied it to my other machines (RedHat) and they worked fine.  But this
solaris box I require this patch, because after the files are moved from
this machine the originals on the Sun box must be deleted to make room for
additional incoming files.




Shawn Saunders


(310) 794-8976

(310) 794-8657 Fax



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