multiple --link-dest options

Norbert Wild nwil at
Mon Oct 18 08:34:09 GMT 2004

I use rsync to backup several servers to harddisk on a backupserver.
To save space i use the --link-dest option which creates a hardlink to 
the file of the last backup if the file hasn´t changed.

Under certain circumstances the file doesn´t exist in the last backup, 
but in the second last backup ore somwhere else.
If for example a backup couldn´t be completed (maybe because of a loss 
of power) then the next day all the files which are not in the 
lastbackup are backuped again even though they exist in the second last 
backup. Those files could for example be hardlinked to the secondlast 

Is there a way to achive this?
(maybe through something like multiple --link-dest options)


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