[Bug 1924] unable to rsync between a PC with cygwin and a unix machine using rsh

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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2004-10-13 09:09 -------
This is a bug in cygwin's rsh program that they should fix.  When they changed
their getopt library to one that does command-line reordering, the same problem
showed up for ssh, and I managed to talk them into fixing it.  You should
request that the same change be made to cygwin's rsh.

Work arounds are:

- Specify --rsh="rsh --" option to rsync (this should work if they fixed the bug
in how the -- option is parsed that was present back when ssh was similarly broken).

- Export POSIXLY_CORRECT in your environment.  This will prevent all commands
from reordering their command-line arguments and affects other program aspects,
so this is probably not a good way to go.

- Create a shell script that exports POSIXLY_CORRECT and then execs the real rsh
with the supplied command-line args. Rename the rsh program and name the new
shell script "rsh".  This fixes rsh for everyone on your system.

Also, please do not put large amounts of patch data in the comments -- that's
what attachments are for.

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