specifying destination folders

Daniel Teklu DTeklu at amlaw.com
Tue Oct 12 20:13:56 GMT 2004

I would like to have one rsync tab in the rsyncd.conf on the destination
server with the root folder on it like:

 comment = TEST
 path = /export/home/foo/test
 read only = no
 uid = root
 gid = root

and under the test folder I have several folders. How do I specify the whole
path from the source side if I want to rsync a folder or files to a folder
under the ../test directory.

when I do this 

rsync -avz  /export/home/foo/test/blha/file_name   destination_server::test 

it obviously puts the file_name under  /export/home/foo/test

How do I put it to /export/home/foo/test/blha and avoid putting several tabs
on the destination server's rsyncd.conf?

any ideas please?



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