rsync 2.6.3 hang (was rsync 2.6.2 crash)

jim jim at
Thu Oct 7 17:32:34 GMT 2004

Right. This is the command that hangs for a local sync:

rsync -Pvvvtr --delete /cygdrive/f/ /cygdrive/e

It hangs at different places, sometimes during the file list generation,
sometimes during the copying. It's very similar to what I saw doing 
remote syncing. I double checked that file contents are readable
(no disk problems or file locks). 

If I comment that out, how will that affect a remote sync?

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   > From: Wayne Davison <wayned at>
   > Subject: Re: rsync 2.6.3 hang (was rsync 2.6.2 crash)
   > Sent: 07 Oct 2004 10:09:16
   >  When you say that a local copy hangs, I'm assuming you're not using the
   >  host: name for the local machine or "localhost:", right?
   >  If HAVE_SOCKETPAIR is defined in config.h, I'd suggest commenting it
   >  out, recompiling, and trying the local copying again -- perhaps having
   >  rsync use pipes instead of socketpairs will avoid a hang.
   >  ..wayne..
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