Rsync && ssh && passwordless

Wayne Davison wayned at
Thu Oct 7 17:19:42 GMT 2004

On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 11:18:03AM -0600, Ryan Sommers wrote:
> After sending the first mail I was able to get it to work by adding
> '-e ssh' to the command line and changing 'N at M:/path/to/stuff' to
> 'N at M::module'.

Yes, that is the other choice if you want to restrict what can be
transferred into modules using an rsyncd.conf file.  If you don't
need that, you can go with my first suggestion instead.  See also
the resource page on the rsync web site for ways to secure an ssh
login so that it can only be used to run specific rsync commands.
I haven't fiddled with that myself, so others may wish to comment
on the other questions/issues/thoughts you raised in your e-mail.


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