lin >> win rsync always hangs

jeremy at jeremy at
Thu Oct 7 16:11:55 GMT 2004

Sorry of this topic has already been discussed, but here goes.

Running rsync from my linux box to windows, rsync always hangs after
it recieves the files list. It may sync one or two files, but that's
it. I've seen it posted that the problems lay in the file size, but I
seem to be having the issue with even txt files. Here's the command
I'm using:

rysnc -r -vv --rsync-path="c:\rsync" -e ssh
user at"c:\docume~1\allusers\mydocu~1\" .

I get the password prompt, then I get a list of files to sync and it
just stops. It does create all the directories in the current one, but
no files. I've read that I just need to give it time to generate the
file list, so I left it go for over 24 hours with no results. 

System info, MDK 10.0 w/ all updates. 


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