cwRsync- chdir failed, server 2003

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Mon Oct 4 14:57:18 GMT 2004

Hi Tev,

Thanks for the reply. That didn't help straight away, but I do have
rsych half working now, and thought this might be useful/interesting.

It seems there's something odd about mounted vmware disks, umless
there's something I'm missing- they don't seem to always be available
properly outside of the command prompt that mounted them- this seems the
same with the vmware tools or the ones at Ken Kato's pages

What I did was this:

Stop the cwRsync service in admin tools.
Start a command prompt running as the cwrsync service account by using
Mount the vmware drive from this command prompt.
Run cygwin and check the drive is visible *from in this command prompt*
Manually run the rsync server- 'rsync --config rsyncd.conf --daemon

When I do this it works fine. Unless anyone can suggest anything better
I'll create a script to mount the drive and then start the server rather
than using the supplied srvany solution, but if anyone can suggest any
alternatives I'd appreciate it.

Once again, thanks for the response. Much appreciated :-)

Chris Bartram

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If you use cwRsync as a server, make sure that you set CYGWIN=nontsec as
a system environment variable and restart the RsyncServer service. Check
FAQ at


> I have one further complication too- I'm trying to sync a remote 
> server on to a vmware virtual disk that I've mounted using the tools 
> at


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