rsync hangs (cygwin) on NTFS?

Ted Nguyen lazycool at
Fri Oct 1 18:06:11 GMT 2004

win2k sp4 domain controller
cygwin latest
rsync latest (2.6.2-3)

winxp sp2
redhat 9
cygwin latest
rsync 2.6.2-3


rsync hangs after transfer files (about 100), i have tried
--modify-window= (0, 1, 2, 10, 90)
i notice that --modify-window=1 seems to hang at 200 files rather than 100.

I have tried rsync 2.6.2-3 on redhat as well and it hangs too, but much sooner.

the command i am using is:

rsync -auv --stats --progress --modify-window=x test at x.x.x.x:test

I believe the problem is rsync with the NTFS partition.   I had the
same data directory on a Netapp Filer which was NFS mounted to a
redhat 9 box and rsync 2.6.2-2 and we had no problem until we had to
move to the NTFS setup...don't ask me why but we had to make the move.

Any work around suggestions would be appreciated.

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