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Tony Mobily mobily at
Sat Nov 27 12:32:58 GMT 2004


I have a bit of a problem - I have the feeling the solution is  
ridicolously trivial, and yet I can't find it!

I have a remote repository of text files. Until today, I was the only  
one changing those files: I would simply change them locally, and  
update the remote repository with this command:

cd local_dir
rsync --delete  -e ssh -Llavuz . merc at remote_server:remote_directory

Now, things are more complicated because I am not the only person  
modifying those files stored in the remote server anymore.
So, here is what I'd like to do:

* Make sure that the remote respository is always the "good", updated  
* If I change one of my files locally, the remote repository is updated
* If I change a remote file, my local file is updated
* If both the remote file and the local file are changed, then the  
latest one "wins"
This would obviously apply to both me and Max (the other person who has  
access to the files).

This should make it possible for me and Max to modify files on the  
remote server OR on the local file system, knowing that the server will  
always have the latest version of every file.

Now: is it possible to do this using rsync?



Tony Mobily
Author of "Hardening Apache" (Apress)
"...this book can save you pain, humiliation, and hair loss" --  
Mitchell Pirtle, PHP Magazine 05/2004 

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