rsync is concatenating the files together

Werner werner at
Fri Nov 26 22:41:18 GMT 2004


I will try some system call tracing, but as I said in my initial post, I am
using NFS, so there shouldn't be any transport cleanliness issues.

: Re: rsync is concatenating the files together
> On Thu, Nov 11, 2004 at 05:38:56PM -0600, Werner wrote:
> > I'm wondering perhaps if this is more a Solaris 10b69 bug than an
> > rsync bug?
> I would imagine so.  I can only suggest (1) try a different transport
> (perhaps the remote shell you're using is not binary clean, and is thus
> eating the characters that would differentiate the files from one
> another in the data stream); (2) specify a much higher level of
> verbosity (so that rsync tells you what it thinks it is doing at every
> step); and/or (3) run rsync using a system-call-tracing program (which
> should help you to determine if the system calls are messing up on the
> sending or receiving side -- see
> My bet is that the problem is that transport is losing data.
> ..wayne..

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