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David Jacoby dj at
Fri Nov 26 11:43:40 GMT 2004

Hi everyone!

Im new to this list and i searched the archive for any dupes of this subject
but didnt find any.

I have a small problem, i want to use rsync to keep all of our systems 
up 2 date
but recently we had some servers that only did a half update. We want to be
able to see a progress indicator of the  transfer. The best thing was if 
there was any
way to get it in percentage or only a list of how many files its going 
to transfer before
the actual transfer starts. We can do this by doing a --dry-run but i 
dont want read the
file list two times i want to do this as fast as possible.

Is there some way to get any parsable information before the actual 
transfer stats?

Best regards
David Jacoby


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