Cygwin rsync and the Window XP SP2 firewall

Hans Kratz kratz at
Mon Nov 22 10:16:33 GMT 2004


We want to use cygwin rsync to implement an autoupgrade feature for our 
  software. For that we invoke rsync to connect to an anonymous rsync 
server on the default rsync port (873). This works just fine but there 
is one problem. When rsync is invoked the Windows firewall displays a 
message like this:

"To help protect your computer, Windows Firewall has blocked this 
program from receiving unsolicited information for the Internet or a 
network" (see

Despite this message rsync'ing works just fine.

This message is usually displayed only if an application opens a server 
socket listening for inbound connections on a network interface. Opening 
a server socket on the loopback interface does not provoke this behavior.

What does rsync do to provoke this message?
How can I prevent this message from being displayed?

Please cc me on any replies as I am not subscribed to the list. Thanks 
for your help!

Version details:
Windows version: XP SP 2 [Version 5.1.2600]
rsync version: rsync  version 2.6.3  protocol version 28
cygwin version (uname -r): 1.5.12(0.116/4/2)

Best regards,

Hans Kratz
Omnicore Software

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