Problem calling rsync from java on OSX

Drew Lippolt lists-rsync at
Fri Nov 19 18:05:25 GMT 2004


thanks for the helpful response.

the redirection stuff doesn't work too well when called from java.  see 
this page:

a quick scan of the 2.6.3 sourcecode showed that i could just have 
is_a_socket return false (0) in all cases.  only downsides i could 
determine were inability to run from inet and avoiding some cleanup 
code--which avoids sending a tcp RST--beneficial to winblows when rsync 
gets killed.

with this modification, rsync seesm to work fine in my application.

does anyone see a problem with this modification, assuming the resultant 
binary would never be run in any mode except daemon mode?



Wayne Davison wrote:

>On Thu, Nov 18, 2004 at 11:52:30PM -0600, Drew Lippolt wrote:
>>can i force daemon mode, even if the rsync process thinks it should be 
>>running out of inet?
>You might try adding "</dev/tty", "</dev/null", or something like that.
>Rsync is calling getsockopt() on the STDIN file descriptor to ask for
>the socket type, and you need to make sure that the processes's STDIN is
>something that will cause that function to return an error.  If changing
>the stdin doesn't work, you'll need to figure out why getsockopt() is
>misbehaving -- perhaps it is returning success but the values returned
>are different from what a real socket would return, so the is_a_socket()
>code could be modified to work with the incompatible getsockopt().

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