[Bug 1959] writefd_unbuffered failed to write 4092 bytes phase send_file_entry broken pipe

samba-bugs at samba.org samba-bugs at samba.org
Fri Nov 19 17:13:58 GMT 2004


------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2004-11-19 10:13 -------
The cited strace shows that rsync is hanging because of all the verbose messages
coming from the receiver aren't getting read by the sender.  So, just reduce the
verbosity and it should run fine (2.6.3, that is -- I assume that 2.5.5 was
hanging for a different reason).

I'll check into this to see about resolving the problem, but it may take a while.

Finally, a hang bug is quite different from write-failed bug, so your bug,
Jeremy, is not related to this bug report's original purpose.

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