Rsync Hangs when syncing two Windows Drives Locally..?

Jesse Shumaker marshall28 at
Thu Nov 18 21:12:29 GMT 2004

I am trying to keep two hard drives mirrored on a local machine. They 
are both 120 GB and I want to run rsync 3 times a day. I don't have an 
rsync server running and am only using the rsync.exe with a current 
cygwin1.dll. the command I use to sync the drives is:

rsync -vvva --delete /cygdrive/d /cygdrive/e

What do you guys think is the issue here? The command will start and I 
will see (make-file)4,"path to the file" continuously and then all of a 
sudden everything stops. It normally stops on the same file. What is the 
correct way for me to sync two windows drives on a Windows 2000 
Professional system using rsync. It doesn't seem that I need an rsync 
server if it's all done locally, but I'm not sure.

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