File list out of rsync.

Daryl Sayers daryl at
Mon Nov 15 00:21:21 GMT 2004

I am trying to run rsync and produce a file list of what was done.
If I use -v I am getting informational messages like:

building file list ... done
..... file list is here
sent 292 bytes  received 24 bytes  632.00 bytes/sec
total size is 9840536  speedup is 31140.94

If I do not use -v I get nothing printed to stdout.

Is there a way of turning off the lovely informational messages that are
of no concern to me once operationa and just leaving the file list of
what was updated. I have tried a slection of -v and -q to no avail.

PS: Yes this could be done via some simply crafted tool (insert your favorite
    awk/grep/sed/head tool here) but would only be a hack and may fail on
    future releases of rsync if the format/number of lines etc changed.

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