timestamp question

Paul Slootman paul at wurtel.net
Fri Nov 12 10:21:02 GMT 2004

On Fri 12 Nov 2004, Mark Watts wrote:
> Server D is mirroring Server B.
> We'd like to change Server D to be mirroring Server C instead.
> Previously when I've swapped between servers like this, vast swathes of the 
> archive are deleted and redownloaded (I use -av --delete-after) for no reason 
> other than the timestamp being different.

If rsync is used with -a, the timestamps _shouldn't_ be different.

> If I use -av -I, will it ignore the timestamps and only go on file size?


> The archive in question is a several hundred GB linux distro archive so I'd 
> rather not have to redownload it :)

I tried to move a local Debian mirror (with daily snapshots that has
unchanged files hardlinked to the previous day) to a larger system. I
ran into the problem that the address space was too small for rsync's
memory requirements (the process grew to 4GB then crashed on out of
memory). I ended up doing each day separately with a --link-dest
pointing to the previous day... Only took 5 days :-/

Paul Slootman

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