José Luis Poza pozaj at
Thu Nov 11 10:29:27 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I have to make bakup of a file server based in Windows 2000 Server with the
next considerations:

    - NTFS 5.0 File System

    -Long names dirs and files. (Actually I have this error "File name too
long (91) ")

    - Approach 76 GB 

    - Files in use by system and users

    - A mixed network based in Unix, Linux and NT OS and a Windows machine
in the client side (launchs comand rsync) with cwrsync

My actual params configuration.
     - "-av --stats --backup --force --ignore-errors
--temp-dir=/cygdrive/c/temp --timeout=5400";
My problems.    
    - To many hours in each operation (more than 15 hours)
    - Problem with the size name of the files "File name too long (91)"
I would like obtain a more optimal configuration, any suggest??
Thank you very much!!
José Luis Poza
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