Copying Oracle data files

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at
Wed Nov 10 10:25:49 GMT 2004

Tauya Mhangami wrote:

>Can I copy an Oracle database by just copying that Oracle Database
> datafiles and moving them to another server with oracle? If
>possible can one back up a database using this same method.
Why don't you try it and see?

I don't think it'll work reliably. As you are running Oracle, I will 
assume that is because it is a busy system, that means it does the whole 
thang with transaction logs as well as the database files. That means at 
any one point in time, the database files don't contain an up-to-date 
and consistent image of the actual database (as some records are sitting 
in transaction logs waiting to sync with the database). That means rsync 
cannot "just copy" the files about and expect to be usable.

However, if the database is "quiet", and the databases are flushed so 
that the transaction logs are cleaned (making snapshots of databases has 
the same effect), then yes, you can copy them about.

With MySQL servers, I just do plain old "mysqldump" and rsync the output 
file. Guaranteed consistent  :-)


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