Symlink file syncing issue

Joel Watson joel at
Tue Nov 9 02:53:59 GMT 2004

In case anyone was interested... I finally have it working using the 
below rsync commands (this is from a script, so I'm just leaving the 
variable names in):

Sync'ing TO the server:
rsync -avzruR --files-from=/Users/username/file-list 
--rsync-path=~/rsync -e ssh --exclude ".DS_Store" $SOURCE 

Sync'ing FROM the server:
rsync -avzru --files-from=/Users/jwatson/file-list --rsync-path=~/rsync 
-e ssh --exclude ".DS_Store" $LOGIN:$SOURCE $TARGET

I have detailed instructions on how I have it set up to sync my desktop 
and laptop in OS X here:

Thanks for the help!


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