back up drive d

Manfred Rebentisch MRebentisch at
Mon Nov 8 08:04:10 GMT 2004

Am Montag, 8. November 2004 06:15 schrieb demo:
>I am using cygwin1.dll to run rsync and ssh on a xp machine( no complete
>cygwin install). I can use this commannd to backup my folder on the C drive:
>"rsync251-2 -e ssh -av "\Documents and Settings\demo\Desktop"
>demo at removehost:/tmp/test/".
>But I am unable to figure out how to backup the entire D drive.
>"rsync251-2 -e ssh -av "d:" demo at removehost:/tmp/test/"

Try: "/cygdrive/D/" or "/cygdrive/D/*" instead of "d:"


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