netapps vfiler

Adil Hindistan sc0ri0n at
Fri Nov 5 05:16:46 GMT 2004


Did anyone here tried to use rsync between a unix machine and a NetApps
Vfiler volume?  I have strange case where it does create the folders on
the vfiler volume but does not copy the files.  Command is something
like this:

rsync -va dropzone pushacc at prod:/launchpad


* dropzone is the the folder which keeps source files and folders in
unix.  This folder is owned by a unix account called sourceacc. pushacc
has read access on this folder

* prod is the name of the destionation unix box

* pushacc is the account that is permissioned on vfiler. This account
exist both in unix and windows worlds.

* launchpad is the destination folder that is actually a vfiler volume
that can be accessed from both unix and windows but permissions are
controlled from windows side.


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