A question about rsync

Guo jing guojingxx at hotmail.com
Mon May 31 14:35:19 GMT 2004

  I am a student in China.I like the linux and usually use the rsync to 
backup my documents. Last week when I use it,I find a question I want to 
discuss with you.

   The condition is like this: The source file that I want to rsync to 
another computer is 129M before I start the rsync. During the running of 
the rsync,the file was changed and became to about 50M, then the rsync 
ended. When I view the destination, I found that the file was 129M. And 
there were some contents of the files added when the rsync was running. 
  After that, I do some tests about the rsync:

       1. After I start the rsync to backup a file, I delete the file 
during the rsync is running, I found the file can been backuped normally.
       2. While the rsync is backuping a file name sourfile (50M), I add 
some content by the command "cat addfile >> sourfile" to enlarge the file 
to 100M. After the rsync finished.I found the file is still 50M.
    The question is that , how the rsync copy a file to another computer at 
the first time ? My attitude is that it remenbers the physical blocks the 
file used when the rsync scaned. Then ,rsync will send the blocks to the 
destination no matter if the file or the block has changed. So, is that 
right?? Who can tell me how the rsync decide which contents should to send 
to the destiation?

  Sorry, my English is very poor. Thanks for your read and answer!!

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