I20 Drivers Crash system when used with Rsync

Dennis R. Gesker gesker at alamon.com
Sun May 30 19:30:06 GMT 2004

Note: I don't know if this is a problem withe I20 drivers or Rsync so 
I'm submitting to both the Kernel Bugzilla and the Rsync mailing list. I 
couldn't find a bugzilla for Rsync. I hope this was the correct way to 
submit this issue.

Distribution: Debian
Hardware Environment: Intel 850MV Mother board, Pentium 4 processor, 
1Gig of RAM, Adaptec 2400A RAID Controler. Both the motherboard and 
Controller card have the most recent BIOS/firmware installed. The 
Adaptec card is capable of RAID configuration but currently it is 
configured to view each of the attached IDE drives as individual drives. 
None of the cards RAID features are presently beeing used. Network is 
100MB/s Switched Ethernet. Network cables and connects have been tested 
and verified.

Software Environment: Very basic/vanilla Debian system install (Sid 
branch). Software package is rsync.

Problem Description: When transfering many sometimes large files (>3Gig 
in some cases)for backup purposes using rsync either via an ssh shell or 
rsync server the I20 drivers cause a kernel panic. The system seems to 
report increases in queue depth, shortly afterward the system completely 
hangs indicating a kernel panic.

Steps to reproduce: Transfer files using rsync. Last specific command 
issued at prompt that reproduced this error was:
"rsync --bwlimit=2048 -vv -r -e ssh --delete --exclude lost+found 
--password-file /root/scripts/pass.rsync 
rsync://root@white.alamon.com:873:/bu/area1/blue/* /bu/area1/blue

This error does not seem to occour when transferrring the same file set 
using cp  over nfs or scp. However, this does happen using rsync over nfs.

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