Keeping Multiple Rsyncs Separate

Tim Conway conway at
Fri May 28 17:06:41 GMT 2004

They are kept seperate.  If one tried to use another's chunk of memory, 
it'd be a segfault.  To permit such interference (and potential 
coordination) would require using shared memory, and nobody wants to deal 
with that.  If you are, in fact, having one process modify memory 
belonging to another, that is a defect in your VMM.
If you have two rsyncs to the same location, results are indeterminate, 
since it's a race condition.  The above fact explains why they do not and 
can not coordinate.  Only a fool permits two uncoordinated processes to 
modify the same set of data at the same time.  Run one, then the other.

Tim Conway
Unix System Administration
Contractor - IBM Global Services
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I have noticed that if you run two rsyncs at once, they get confused and
copy the files from one the wrong rsync thread. Apparently this is because
of the “Build List” that is made in ram. Two build lists stepping on each
other. Does anyone know how to change the source so that the each build 
in ram is kept separate?

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