Log-format on Rsync Server - no full path param

Daniel Broms daniel_broms at hotmail.com
Wed May 26 06:45:04 GMT 2004


I'm setting up a rsync-server (daemon). I want to have a script parsing the 
logfile of
the daemon to do further processing of the files.

The syncing works fine. However I have not succeed getting the full path of 
files in the logfile!

Server(daemon) start:
rsync --daemon

rsync -vzrlpt ./username/ 

Using different log-format options (%P %f) I have been able to get the 
and the files in the username-folder but not the long path in between.

I have checked the log code briefly but I didn't find any hidden options :-)

I would be grateful for any idea or, even better, a solution to get the full 

/Daniel Broms

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