File sync/delete question

Paul Slootman paul at
Mon May 24 13:41:03 GMT 2004

On Fri 21 May 2004, Markus Gaugusch wrote:
> Imagine this happenings:
> 10:00: file "a.txt" gets uploaded to ftp server
> 10:01: file "a.txt" is rsynced to samba server
> 10:02: file "a.txt" gets deleted from samba server (after rsync run)
> 10:03: file would again be synced :(
> Now I think that I need a new option for rsync:
> "Transfer all files, and remotely delete those that must have been 
> transferred before and are not here anymore".

It may be that unison will do what you want.

Paul Slootman

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