rsync fails with 2 sources

Baptiste SIMON baptiste.simon at
Mon May 17 17:51:39 GMT 2004

Andreas Ley wrote:
>>I haven't been able to duplicate the crash you two are seeing, so if
>>either of you can send me a backtrace of the crash (either from a core
>>dump or by doing some creative gdb attaching), I'd appreciate it.
> I didn't get a core, but suceeded tu run gdbserver:
> #0  0x400a46d9 in strncmp () from /lib/
> #1  0x08059878 in make_file (fname=0xbfffb720 "usr/local/lib/.", 
>     flist=0x8096dc8, exclude_level=2) at flist.c:818
> #2  0x08059cd9 in send_file_name (f=-1, flist=0x8096dc8, 
>     fname=0xbfffb720 "usr/local/lib/.", recursive=1, base_flags=1)
>     at flist.c:929
> #3  0x0805a7fc in send_file_list (f=-1, argc=0, argv=0xbffff7d0)
>     at flist.c:1178
> #4  0x0804c1e0 in delete_files (flist=0x8094b00) at receiver.c:102
> #5  0x080519b6 in do_recv (f_in=0, f_out=1, flist=0x8094b00, local_name=0x0)
>     at main.c:426
> #6  0x08051dee in do_server_recv (f_in=0, f_out=1, argc=1, argv=0x80919fc)
>     at main.c:547
> #7  0x08051ee5 in start_server (f_in=0, f_out=1, argc=2, argv=0x80919f8)
>     at main.c:577
> #8  0x08052da9 in main (argc=2, argv=0x80919f8) at main.c:1041
> Looks like a bug in libc6 - ouch. This is debian woody with libc6 2.2.5-11.5.
> Since the hosts are productive mail servers, I can't easily test different
> libc6 versions, so I hope the stack trace is sufficient to locate the error.

I'm running debian sid and debian sarge... libc6 2.3.2.ds1-12.

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    aka BeTa
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