Bidirectional speed question

Greger Cronquist greger_cronquist at
Mon May 17 15:22:31 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I'm wondering if the following is rsync-related or an issue with my 
supposedly synchronous internet connection:

I have a server running an rsync daemon. When I simultaneously pull and 
push files to this server using two separate processes on the client 
(different directories), I get about half the transfer speed compared to 
just running one process. This also occurs when the files are new (so 
the rsync algorithm should not be active which otherwise causes data to 
be sent in both directions).

Is this to be expected from rsync? Or is it (a) a bug or (b) connection 

Both server and clients are 2.6.1cvs (just before 2.6.2) and the 
machines are Win2k servers.



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