2.6.2 transferring common data

gARetH baBB hick.rsync at gink.org
Thu May 13 08:02:22 GMT 2004

Slackware-9.0/9.1 base.

I've come across a problem.

A source file of 3.0G and a destination existing image of 5.1G - the
destination has a lot of stuff which is to be discarded but does contain
all of the data in the source except for about 50M.

This should have been a quick transfer, even though I'm doing it over a
slow link with a bwlimit=10 - especially with -z for gzipping the delta
data too.

ie. rsync -avzP --bwlimit=10 sourcefile.tar machine:

It started off well, immediatly reconciling 30M at the destination in

It then slowed down and started just transferring raw data. 8 hours later
I came back and it was still only on 10% - about 350M.

I say raw data, but the speed indicator was sometimes moving up from the
base of 10k/s to 15-30k/s and back down.

I stopped it, put the nearest-to-hand old rsync back on the source machine
(2.5.6). (restored the destination image to its original 5.1G). Started it
again. Same problem.

Put 2.5.6 on the destination machine too; it took longer to do the inital
block processing - as expected going by the ChangeLog - but it then
started going properly and is already on 7% and I'm happy it has just hit
the 50M of uncommon data.

Anyone else seen similar problems with 2.6.2 ?

PS. I thought I would love the new current-rate-of-transfer to the old way
of the average rate over the whole file, but I don't actually - I prefer
the old file avergage rate ! I'd vote for a switch to choose ...

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