coder wanted

Lets Fly Hosting letsfly at
Thu May 6 03:13:09 GMT 2004

(not sure if this went though the 1st time...sorry if double)


I am using Rsync locally on some machines, however, there are a few machines that require me to backup over FTP, the current system
I have in place is very very slow, and I would like to hire someone on this list familiar with backups ($50 sound fine?) and having
it run of cron

To create me a backup script that works on Rsync to backup specific files/folders on server1 and ssh or ftp to server2

I am not familiar with Rsync or coding to do it myself

If your interested, please contact me at letsfly at or letsfly at

I have a list of files and folders that I would like synced, so its just a matter of you plugging them into the script

(I will need this script within 24 hours if possible...) hit me on AIM AlaskanGreyFox


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