non-ASCII chars in filename

Alessandro Ranellucci alex at
Tue May 4 12:05:34 GMT 2004

On 27-04-2004 at 12:44, Paul Leugering wrote:

 >I got the same rsync problem and I wonder if you all ready solved it?
 >If the answer is yes, please tell me how :-) Because I'am working to
 >solve this problem for weeks now.

I'm now running 2.6.1pre-2, and rsync doesn't stop when the remote
server generates an error (until 2.6.0 I never managed to do a full
run). The issue with non-ASCII chars in filename still prevents my MacOS
X server from getting all files from my Linux/Unix clients; I think that
this should be fixed by deep changes in the rsync codebase to better
handle charsets.

I get a lot of errors like this:

stat "/backup/tmp/www/users/erpi?" failed: No such file or directory
recv_generator: mkdir "/backup/tmp/www/users/erpi?/foto" failed: No such
file or directory

Wayne, what's your thought about this?


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