2.6.2 on Cygwin - initial testing results

Jim Salter jim at jrssystems.net
Tue May 4 01:48:09 GMT 2004

I compiled and installed rsync 2.6.2 from source (the site's download 
page) today, under Cygwin 1.5.9-1 / Windows 2000 Professional SP4.

Initial testing shows that it operates properly and smoothly, and that 
Wayne's bugfix for the daemon mode / --backup problem I reported earlier 
did the trick... --backup is working fine, no extraneous tildes.

Also, and this may be of interest to any other people forced to backup 
Windows servers from time to time, cwRsync - which is VERY handy in that 
among other things, it automagically creates a Windows service to run 
rsync in daemon mode for you - operates just fine if you replace its 
cygwin1.dll and rsync.exe with the 1.5.9-1 version of cygwin1.dll and a 
copy of rsync compiled from source.

I stopped my existing cwrsync service, did the dll and rsync.exe 
replacements, and restarted the service - no problems, everything seems 
to be running smoothly.

Hope this helps somebody!


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