Extra warnings now in 2.6.2

Stuart Inglis stuart at reeltwo.com
Tue May 4 01:41:04 GMT 2004

Previously I have been using 2.5.7 and have changed 2 days ago to 2.6.2. 
Nothing else has changed, so I figured this was just an extra warning 
added to 2.6.2.

I am backing up a 750G RAID array. Without knowing the details it's 
almost like the --backup-dir option  creates a subdirectory

mkdir -p a/b/c
then later on tries to create:
mkdir -p a/b
and complains because a/b was created by the first command.

The entire backup-dir tree is created daily so nothing is in the way. 
Everything that is created is created by rsync.

Everything seems to work just fine, it's just that now I'm getting an 
email complaining mkdir failed (which is fine since rsync had already 
created it).


> On Tue, May 04, 2004 at 12:19:29PM +1200, Stuart Inglis wrote:
>>make_bak_dir mkdir "/export/giger.back.....eary/java/weka/gui" failed: 
>>File exists
> Did you check that path?  I assume there is a file that is in the way of
> a directory that needs to be created.  Perhaps this condition just
> arose?
> If the above guess is right, you can manually remove the file and it
> should let rsync create the directory it's trying to make.  (Yes, in the
> future it would be nice if the backup option dealt with a file switching
> to a directory in a better fashion.)
> If the above guess is not right, please supply more detail as to what
> exactly isn't working as expected.
> ..wayne..

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