rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(189)

Tim Conway conway at
Mon May 3 21:10:45 GMT 2004

Standard newbie issue.
rsh host command (or ssh host command in your case) does so in a fairly 
stripped environment, for instance, a small $PATH, which is your issue 
(unless rsync isn't even installed on smmk39).  rsync has aneasy 
workaround for it.  add " --rsync-path=/path/on/the/remote/host/to/rsync " 
commonly " --rsync-path=/usr/local/bin/rsync ".  You can also link it into 
someplace in your path, if you're the admin, and are going to be having a 
lot of users doing their own rsync commandlines.
The stuff you're doing with services and inetd.conf are irrelevant, unless 
you're going to run an inetd-managed rsyncd, which is NOT what you are 
doing or accessing in the commandline given.
Also your inet hupping is a bit scary.  If you have anything that has the 
word "inetd" in the ps line, it's going to get a HUP, and many things 
react to a HUP like to a TERM.  I'd suggest a pattern like " 
/usr/sbin/in[eE]td -s$", as you're on Solaris 8.

To call that rsync server, forget the "-e ssh".
have this in your /etc/rsyncd.conf:
path = /home
Or tighter yet:
path = /home/a078479/bob
rsync -va /export/home/a078479/bob smmk39::homeforbob

I see, having read to the bottom of your message, that you did the linking 
thing. That's cool, and well-documented.  Glad you figured it out.  It's 
not an rsync issue, but an environmental one.

Tim Conway
Unix System Administration
Contractor - IBM Global Services
conway at

Rsync Issue Solaris8

When performing a simple rsync between servers I was getting the
following error:

root:#> rsync -e ssh -va /export/home/a078479/bob
ksh: rsync:  not found
rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes read so far)
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(189)

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