Mike McCallister mikemc-rsync at contactdesigns.com
Mon May 3 05:32:53 GMT 2004


I currently create large (500MB-2.5GB) tar.gz files that I am trying to 
get to rsync better.  After doing some research by reading a lecture 
presented by the original author of rsync and googling the list 
archives, I have concluded that the gzip-rsyncable.diff is the best way 
to get gzipped files to rsync nicely.  The only version I could find of 
this patch is available here:


Since the patch was created a while ago and is not part of the default 
gzip yet, I was wondering if rsync users on this list had any opinions 
on the patch regarding its effectiveness and/or any problems it may 
cause with gzip.  Is this patch the way to go, or am I better off trying 
out a different compression algorithm (not gzip related) altogether?



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