Saving bandwith

kernow chris at
Wed Mar 31 15:04:40 GMT 2004

Hope this is the right address.........
We are working on a new script that will save possibly hundreds of MBs 
in bandwith using rsync.
As you know, having to download  hundreds of complete files because the 
last part of the file name has changed ( eg. XFree-17 is now XFree-18) 
is a waste of bandwith/time. What i have been doing for large files like 
ISOs is re-naming the old file to the new updated version. That way only 
the updated part gets downloaded. But if your trying to mirror say, a 
Linux cooker site with thousand of end_of_file name changes, it would 
take for ever.
This script runs with rsync,  it checks the names of files on the remote 
directory, and compares them with the local directory. If they are 
different, it renames them, and then runs rsync in the normal way. The 
potential savings are huge. In tests so far, it seems to work perfectly.
Any of the rsync developers/owners  here interested?

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