earliest use of rsync?

Peter L. Wargo pwargo at basenji.com
Tue Mar 30 00:29:25 GMT 2004

My guess would be that it began to be used after it was written - long
after the internet was "invented". If you look at the original tech
report, it was (I'll hazard a guess) after November 1998.

Just FYI, not all the good software was there from day one. That's why
people like Andrew are so handy. :-)



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On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, raghu wrote:

> Dear Folks,
> Is there a documented case of earliest use of rsync over internet? I
> presume rsync was used almost as soon as internet was invented as a file
> transfer and bandwidth efficient backup solution. If anyone has any
> information, please respond.
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> Raghu Kulkarni
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