Issue with rsync 2.6.1-pre1 on AIX

Carson Gaspar carson at
Mon Mar 29 23:07:33 GMT 2004

--On Monday, March 29, 2004 16:42:09 +0200 Pontus Skoeld 
<pont_rsynclistg at> wrote:

> I've recently tried rsync in daemon mode on AIX. Unfortunately, after
> handling connections, the daemon segfaulted. I've located this problem
> to the signal handler for SIGCHLD in socket.c - it seems reinstalling
> the signal handler before doing waitpid caused the signal to be
> redelivered, so the program recurses to the signal handler before it
> runs out of stack space in the end and segfaults. Simply moving the
> handler reinstaller to after the waitpid seems to work (and should,
> AFAIK not break anything on other systems).

Blech. Why is rsync not just using sigaction()? It's the _only_ way to get 
cross-platform reliable signals. SYSV/BSD signal() is just too broken on 
too many platforms.

If it would be accepted, I'd happily submit a patch fixing up signal 
handling to only use the nice, functional POSIX API.


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