rsync on Solaris

Mehmet Soysal Mehmet.Soysal at
Tue Mar 23 15:01:14 GMT 2004

i've got few question on rsync with solaris.
We are thinking about sync 2  Sun E250 with rsync.
There are about over 1500 User Mailaccount with about 15 GB. Mailboxes 
are in mmdf (almost mbox) format. Does somebody has any experience in 
something similar ? How long would take it to sync ? Would it be 
possible to sync it, in a very short periode (less than an hour) ? Does 
the files need to be locked for syncing ? What would happen, when a file 
is beeing synced but at this moment the changes ?

We are looking for a easy method to do this, but dont have any 
experience with rsync.


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