Long time needed for "Building file list" Any suggestions ?

Greger Cronquist greger_cronquist at yahoo.se
Tue Mar 23 08:22:12 GMT 2004

OK, I didn't think about that.


I guess it's irrelevant, but when I tried using find on a pretty large 
folder tree on my Win2k system, using "find ." to get all the files was 
about twice as fast as using "find . -ctime 24". However, using "find . 
-printf "%p %c"" was about 20% slower than "find . -ctime 24", still 
faster than rsync which is about 60% slower than find with -ctime.

Jim Salter wrote:

> No.  Rsync has to build a list of *every single file in the 
> filesystem*, along with - at a minimum - last modified datestamp.  
> Rsync needs to be able to propagate deletions if necessary, and to do 
> that, you have to compare the entire list of all files (not 
> specifically excluded) in the specified section on both volumes, not 
> just the changed ones.
> Also keep in mind that while if you're using the find / -ctime trick, 
> YOU can assume that the other end is a mirror and you know exactly 
> when the last time it was synchronized was, rsync knows no such 
> thing.  Rsync  *produces* a mirror whether or not it started out with 
> one.
> Jim Salter

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